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As you can see, we are starting the process of re-designing and updating the canaryforum web site; welcome to the new design.

One of the things we are changing is the "links" section and now incorporating them into our forum We will find and place within each section of the forum (last option in each section) links to various services, businesses and establishments ourselves, web sites with real relevance to the islands and your holiday here. This will create a small "community" within the canaryforum where our visitors can ask questions and share comments about your business or service.

So, if you own a business or service and would like us to either help you advertise by creating a place on the Internet for you or if you already have your own web site and would like us to list it, contact us and we will have a look and see if we would like to include it for our visitors. Remember, we will only list sites with 100% relevance to one of the islands, perhaps for a bar or restaurant here, an online newspaper, radio.... If you're offering either accommodation or an excursion then we are most likely to make arrangements with you to offer it via our travel web site once we've seen what you have to offer everyone.



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