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Lots of you, being such nice people and all, are thanking me for everything I've done here and asking me if there's something you can do for me in return. Well, it's got to the stage now where the list of things you could do to help me is enough to fill a web page! So, here's that web many of the following as possible please.

Please vote for my site at Gran Canaria Info from 1 and 10, with 10 being tops.

Email me apartment photos

All nicely focused of course. Any of the apartment or complex you stayed in I can show to people who may stay there in the future. Anything with a bar or restaurant in it I can use when I recommend such places to people and the real party style ones for a new page I'll be doing.

Submit a Review

Could be about accommoation or about bars and/or restaurants. Reviews don't have to be really long and detailled, though it's nice if they are.

Add a link to me on your site

That's always appreciated for Gran Canaria is the general site.

If you've got the space to put my logo somewhere to add a link to - perfect!

Tell a/your travel agent about my site!

Let them know there's something here about Puerto Rico and Gran Canaria that can be passed on to other, interested holidaymakers.

Tell establishments here about my site!

If you try a bar, restaurant, maybe an excursion that you wouldn't have normally tried had it not been for my web site, let them know! It's so nice to be appreciated by visitors to my site but about time the site was appreciated by businesses here. Once that happens, I can start advertising the better ones and tell people more about them.

If you have a look through my message board and think you can asnwer any questions people post there, or have opinions to share, go ahead. That's why I started the board in the first place.

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