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I lived first of all in Puerto Rico for around five years and since May 2003 live on the outskirts of Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas. Prior to that, I was living in London for 12 years and before that, in the north west of England. I grew up (and have spent most of my working life) within the tourist industry. My family home was a small hotel near the Yorkshire Dales. After leaving school I studied hotel management and worked in London hotels until a couple of years before I left London. I became a DJ for those two years working in London clubs. I still like my music and my social life by night very much but have returned to a career within tourism.

So, I came to Puerto Rico for a holiday and loved the place, the island and the Spanish culture in general. In autumn of 1997, I went with my car to northern Spain and spent a month or so driving to the south, visiting all the places I'd heard about along the way. From Cadiz I sent my car and belongings over here to Gran Canaria, flew with my dog then went to stay with a friend of mine who used to live in London. I had some savings so worked part time and spent a lot of time studying Spanish. I got a job working as a receptionist in an apartment complex here and then as a guide, taking people out on excursions and to and from the airport. My current job is as a rep for four and five star hotels in Maspalomas and Las Palmas so I'm getting to know the rest of the island very well thanks to that.

I started this web site as something useful to do with my spare time other than sunbathing or passing away the evenings by taking advantage of the ridiculously cheap prices of alcohol. I have friends and family who are always asking me, either for themselves or for their friends, to give them information and advice on holidays here. They can all tap into this now instead. When I started this site, I couldn't find any English-language sites aimed at Gran Canaria nor Puerto Rico but since, several have appeared, some healthy competition!!! You'll find them mentioned on my "links" page. In the future, as businesses here (bars, restaurants etc...) get to know my site is here and people take notes from it, they will want to advertise, thus providing yet more information about what we have here and a euro or two for me.

Any criticism, good or bad, really is appreciated, this will help me to make this site better so email them to me. My messages are checked on a daily basis and are replied to (if requested) as soon as I can find out the answer, usually within 24 hours. So, thanks for finding me and I hope you find whatever information you're looking for, or just enjoy looking in general.

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